Who Am I?

Samih Ibrahim, and I am trying to force myself into better habits here.

What is this place?

I need to have something productive to do. Being caught up in the cycle of work, family, work ... rinse and repeat - causes the days to slip by with no real progress toward anything meaningful. As a wise one once said, time will pass anyway, you might was well be doing something with it.

Random Thoughts

Ok. Today is the day when I stop procrastinating and start this. In a 'feeble' attempt to break the cycle of work, computer games (I am looking at your league of legends and fallout new vegas - for now), I've decided to have a side project. And that side project is this simple blog. In it I'll chronicle what I've done, how and sometimes even why.

I don't believe I am knowledgeable enough to be teaching anyone anything yet. This is just my way of keeping my thoughts organized and actually getting something done instead of every once in a while picking up a new project only to leave it at the side of the road.... dead.