Finally Out there!

Starting today, I've decided to use Jekyll inspired by Frankel blogging stack post. Frankly - and sorry fine folks at Jekyll - I picked Jekyll for no particular reason; I had to start somewhere and Nicolas post was what caused me to feel 'I can do this' (side note: it was pure coincidence that both Jekyll and use the same markdown format). To get to this stage I toyed with the idea of starting with Ruby-on-rails, implemented a 'simple' setup consisting of 5 docker containers running inside an AWS Lightsail instance serving a single page Express app. But I've never used Express before. Thought about switching to React or even Angular to learn those two beauts. The cognitive load associated with starting either effectively stopped me from starting. Then I faced it and decided to start simple. So, Jekyll here I come.

PS: I already had the domain purchased for over a year already, but had it just sitting there collecting dust.